I love to create timeless makeup and hair looks that represent the style and personalities of my clients.  I know that we look and feel our best when our hair and makeup reflect who we truly are, both in person and in photographs that will be cherished forever.

I specialize in wedding and special events, and I love to bring a Bride’s vision to life- tying all of the beautiful style elements of her wedding into the makeup and hair looks for herself and her bridal party.  I’m drawn to the soft and romantic aesthetic and love to put a client’s unique spin on it with a bit of a glow, a winged eye liner, or a red lip, or no lipstick at all.  I’m inspired by the flawless, airbrushed look of a great liquid foundation paired with the perfect amount of finely milled setting powder with a long-wearing setting spray, because these details provide the best canvas to emphasize a person’s most beautiful facial features.

I grew up in Pine Point, Maine, and in my younger years, my grandmother was a beautician.  I was always inspired by watching her do hair in her studio on the front porch.  My Mother taught me to braid my own hair when I was little, and I would practice on my friends, giving them all French braids, then taking them out and doing them over again.  I spent twelve years on stage as a ballerina, and I would study the way professional makeup artists made people’s features stand out on stage and in photographs.  Often times, I would jump in to help my friends do their makeup for our Nutcracker Ballet performances as Angels or Russian Dolls.  As a teenager, I became the “go-to makeup artist and hairstylist” for my friends and family for our proms, homecomings and later in life- for our weddings.  I earned my Cosmetology License and several Makeup Artistry Certifications along the way, and have worked in the beauty industry formally for over fourteen years. 

For the past six of those fourteen years, I’ve worked as a cosmetics executive for a cosmetics company;  but I’ve still managed to help several Brides, Bridal Parties and families with their hair and makeup in my free time because you can take the girl out of weddings, but you can’t take the weddings out of the girl!  I really look forward to working with more bridal clients throughout 2019 and 2020, because I’ll have weekends available, and I’m lucky enough to have a very talented team to assist with larger parties.  Weddings are truly my passion and my bridal clients and their friends and families are so much fun to glam with!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.