My Two Favorite Eye Creams for Bridal Makeup Prep:

August 30, 2017

Just a dab of eye cream can make a big difference in the appearance of dark, puffy, tired looking under eyes.  But, there are two five-star eye creams I use on Brides that are designed for high impact results. They instantly brighten dark under eyes, making them look fresh and more rested, while plumping away fine lines and priming for makeup application. These top two eye creams are ideal for Brides to use during the months leading up to their big day, and to wear as long lasting primers under their Bridal makeup application.

1) Hydrating Eye Cream, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, $52.
This light-weight eye cream comforts, plumps and preps your eye area for concealer application and can be worn at night on the upper and lower lid to condition, brighten and soften the eye area both instantly and over time. Anyone who wants a flawless finish with their concealer can use this eye cream as a 24 hour primer that quickly absorbs and melts into the skin.

2) Extra Eye Repair Cream, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, $74.
This rich, concentrated eye cream targets skin’s aging by boosting collagen production, smoothing fine lines, brightening dark circles and helping to repair the skin’s moisture barrier with peptides, natural plant oils and humectants.  Anyone looking to zero in on signs of aging and give their skin extra hydration for instant freshness, plumping and firming and preparation for concealer will love this eye cream!  It can be worn at night on the upper and lower lid to help improve the appearance of the eye area instantly and over time.  The more you use it the more it works!

In order to make the eye area look fresh, well-rested and less tired, it’s important to treat yourself to products that improve the appearance of your skin even without the use of makeup on top.  The best eye creams can sooth puffiness, brighten darkness and soften fine lines and wrinkles all while priming for makeup application.  Use them consistently twice a day and follow the instructions on the box for best results leading up to your Wedding Day!  Cheers to brighter, fresher looking under eyes!

Hydrating Eye Cream, A cult favorite for priming the under eye area.
Extra Eye Repair Cream, A best seller for targeting signs of aging.

For more Eye Creams to consider, check out these recommendations from

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My Wedding Day Makeup Look

August 19, 2017
My wedding day makeup was a lot like my everyday makeup look, but it was applied with a bit more precision, intensity and sparkle to make it really special and to make it pop in photos.

My Mother in Law looks so pretty!! I love this photo with my handsome husband and his family! Our photography is by Michelle Deering of Oeil Photography. She’s absolutely amazing! 

To get the look, we used all Bobbi Brown Products:

Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm and Hydrating Eye Cream to prep and...
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Cheek Wardrobing: 3 Steps to Give Your Face a Soft, Fresh and Slightly Sculpted Glow

February 23, 2017

Ever wonder how some women achieve a flawless, soft glow on their cheeks? The kind of highlight that seems to light up their entire face in a really great way?  You can easily achieve that flawless glow too! Read on... Here are 3 steps to give your face a soft, fresh and slightly sculpted glow.

See below for my personal cheek wardrobe favorites.


First, gently apply a soft layer of bronzer with a small powder brush in a motion that sweeps upwards towards the top of your cheekbon...

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New England Bridal Beauty: 10 Reasons to Book a Bridal Makeup Trial Consultation

February 23, 2017

Whether you love wearing makeup or you’re not much of a makeup wearer at all, you may want to think about booking a bridal makeup trial consultation with a professional makeup artist for your wedding day. A professional artist can give you flawless bridal makeup that stays in place all day, even in the extra hot and extra cold New England climates. Here are 10 Reasons to book a bridal trial consultation with a Pro Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day.

1.  Your Skin Will Look Flawless
A prof...

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A New England Girl's Guide to Flawless Looking Skin All Year Long

January 31, 2014

Here in New England, women have some frequently asked questions about finding the right foundation for their skin throughout the year. Here are some inside secrets to looking naturally flawless in the freezing cold weather and in the hot, sometimes humid summer months that we're all looking forward to!


FAQ: My foundation looks thick and cakey this time of year, is it drying my skin out?


A lot of wome...

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