A New England Girl's Guide to Flawless Looking Skin All Year Long

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Here in New England, women have some frequently asked questions about finding the right foundation for their skin throughout the year. Here are some inside secrets to looking naturally flawless in the freezing cold weather and in the hot, sometimes humid summer months that we're all looking forward to!


FAQ: My foundation looks thick and cakey this time of year, is it drying my skin out?


A lot of women notice that their foundation, even the high quality ones, look cakey and uneven when the temperatures drop. When their Makeup Artist asks them how they're prepping their skin for the day before they apply their foundation, sometimes they say that they use their favorite bar soap or the foaming cleanser that they have been loyal to for years and sometimes they admit that they skip their moisturizers if they're rushing in the morning or if they feel as though their skin is oily.

Women instantly see more smoothness in their foundation application when they gently exfoliate the rough, flaky skin from the surface of their face once or twice a week, cleanse with a soothing, non-soap cleanser to remove their makeup, and use a hydrating moisturizer that will smooth and soften their skin before applying their makeup. If you're experiencing cakey makeup, this could be your solution. How are you currently prepping your skin to ensure that you easily achieve a natural looking flawless makeup application? 


FAQ: How do I find a foundation color and texture that will be right for me all year long?


The majority of foundation and tinted moisturizer users ask this question because they have been taught to use the same exact color and formula for the foreseeable future... and that may seem like a good idea, because in some cases, it can be a more budget friendly way to own makeup. However, when women consistently replenish their usual foundation tone and formula, it doesn't always look or feel as natural as they remember it looking and feeling when they invested in it for the first time.

Skin looks much more naturally flawless when the foundation shade matches perfectly in color level and in tone. That being said, skin is usually lighter in the winter and early spring months than it is in the summer and early fall months. Finding a different shade for each time of year will give you the most naturally flawless looking skin. 

New England Makeup Artist Flawless Foundation Tips: 

Longevity: The average life expectancy of a fresh bottle of foundation is usually around two years, so you can safely continue to use your winter shade when your skin starts to lighten in the later fall months of the next year and vice versa. This is a very budget friendly way to stay flawless all year long.

Flexibility: Finding the right foundation for both times of the year allows you to be more flexible with the formulas that you choose. Seasonal makeup flexibility provides you with the option to use more moisturizing, full-coverage foundations in the winter months, and possibly less moisture, minimal-coverage foundations in the summer months.

No matter what options you choose, your foundation will look and feel more natural if you have the right shade for your skin tone, even if you need to use more than one color per year.


An additional option for flawless looking skin anytime of the year is to apply bronzer to your forehead, cheek bones and jawline with a light pop of blush color on the apples of your cheeks. The shade that you choose for blush should be brighter than your bronzer shade and match your lip tone.

You're welcome to message me here if you need help finding the most natural foundations, bronzers and blushes for your skin tone. To book a Bridal Makeup Consultation you can contact me here. Thank you for checking out my blog! 

Products used in the above photo: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation in the shade Beige, Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in Nude, Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light, Bobbi Brown Blush in Pale Pink, Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow, Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Color in the shade Blush.


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